Even Tops Love DP!

All bottoms love getting dicked down, "butt" sometimes they want a little (or a lot) more than a beautiful piece to fill them up.  Sometimes it's your skin that needs to be double penetrated...and this is where Tops can join in the fun too.  

Since our NEW, Double Penetration top quality body moisturizer is not for internal use, you won't actually use it to get DP'ed, instead you'll  use it on your body to feel confident in your skin before going to your "friends" place. DP's highly concentrated formula and ethically sourced ingredients will penetrate your skin deep to help rejuvenate your body's largest organ, your skin, and make you

never have that awful feeling of not wanting to be touched due to worries of dry skin again.

Bruce Stone (#BlueMagic)

The perfect pairing with DP.  Though Double Penetration has the ability to transform your skin to a rejuvenated renewed look and feel, why not take it to the next level?  Bruce Stone not only softens the skin, but removes any and all dry/dead skin cells from the surface and leaves you feeling shiny and new. 

Bruce Stone is a pure oil based, volcanic pumice scrub that removes the dead skin you have on places like your hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Bruce Stone also hydrates and softness your skin and leaves it soft like a twinks ass.  Apply DP after washing off Bruce Stone with warm water for best results and skin will absorb the lotion much better!

Why is Bruce Stone nicknamed Blue Magic?

Our formula is non-glittery (even though it may look it), and will not stain your hands, shower or tub, and truly works like magic. Also, if you swirl the contents round in the bottle with your finger you will see an awesome effect right in front of your eyes!

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The oil resistant shiny labels on both DP and Bruce Stone give your bottles a beautiful look.
Each product is sold s
eparately and they each have their own unique packaging!


Double Penetration


Bruce Stone