Best Lube

Enjoy the Best Play with the Best Lube

How in the world are you supposed to have "bearback" play if you don’t have the best lube? Great news! We have it by the tub full, ensuring that you can play the way that you want without anything drying out in the process. Even if you’re not in San Jose, CA, we can ship to anywhere.
Our organically made lube is used with in-house brewed rose water to provide a faint natural scent. Further, we recommend that a little bit goes a long way. All you have to do is scoop a bit out, apply, and start moaning!
This is going to be the ultimate lube to make your play a lot more fun. If you moan, it should be in pleasure, right? Start shopping our online store for the best lube now. Plus, if you really want to make sexy time easier to clean up after, check out our selection of cum towels!