Casual Clothing

Make a Statement with Casual Clothing

Any time that you slip on casual clothing in San Jose, CA, you have to think about the statement that you’re making. Are you revealing who you really are? Are you showing off your personality? All it takes is wearing the right shirts (and undies).
Bearback is all about providing you with casual clothing that allows you to make a statement at the same time. We offer crewneck and V-neck T-shirts as well as tank tops. Should you want to ditch the tidy whities in exchange for something more comfortable, we also have quite the selection of boxer briefs.
The graphics that we have on all of our shirts are fun. They allow you to be who you are without any kind of apology. Let people know your sexual preference in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way.
You’ll find that our prices are affordable and our shipping is fast – so start browsing our store today.