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 The ultimate gift to give yourself
or special person/people!

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How It Works:

Within 24 hours after purchase, you will receive personal One-to-One assistance from a caring Bearbacker (staff member) to help your build your ultimate package via email at your leisure.

By buying an ultimate package you will now own at least one of each of Bearback's core products (t-shirts, masks, cum towels, lube, and stickers). You still get the greatest gear and the same customizable options you love already. Find more details on the product's page. 

Best part is... there are no bigger sized and shirt style/cut up-charges.

Remember: This is NOT a subscription box! Free shipping is only valid for USA shipping addresses.

*Prices say starting at because just like when buying a stand-alone shirt on if you choose any premium options, (Ex: V-Neck, 6Xl, etc..) there is a fair priced increase. This premium pricing does occur per month and may be cheaper than if shirts were purchased on our site individually as a thank you for going Bruce Box!


(Who Doesn't)