Cum Towels

Clean Up with Cum Towels

Your fun in the sack can get a little messy sometimes. There’s no reason to reach for a used bath towel or your new Bearback shirt when you’re cleaning up from your loads of fun. That’s why Bearback has cum towels – and affordable ones at that.
These can be great gifts as well as for the practical times in life. When you’ve been told to “go get a towel,” we truly have you covered. There’s no need to drip all over the sheets – just have one of these handy towels nearby.
With the amazing sayings on these cum towels, you’re sure to get a laugh. It’s one of the reasons why we have become the go-to shop for these types of towels. The best part is that they serve a real purpose. Collect all of the sayings and make cleanup a bit more exciting in the process.