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"In a world where everything seems to be against you,
it's important to look at the silver lining in everything to keep you smiling." - Bruce The Bear

Facial Toner

8oz - $15


I’m writing this letter to you to let you know I’m sorry. Sorry for the way I have treated you, and it’s time for me to makes things right. I really do mean it, just hear me out...


 I got us Silver Lining by Bearback as a way to start showing you I do care about how you are treated moving forward. And, how could I not, you are my biggest organ after all and it's so important that I do my best to care for you as I would my mind and heart...

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...This stuff is even packed with real silver and other highly concentrated, clean ingredients that will give you a dose of some important skin helping nutrients that should help w/ all types of issues we face together. 

Have faith in me, Skin, and in time, we will both be more radiant and happy!

With love,

Bruce The Bear

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Silver Water 

(antimicrobial to help fight bacteria) 

aloe vera juice

(To reduce irritation & Hydrate skin)

(Hydrate skin even more & Helps smooth fine lines) 

hydrochloric acid 

Cucumber Seed Oil

(Helps Prevent dry skin & is A Great anti-Ager) 

 tea tree oil 

(Antibacterial, helps treat acne, & For Scent)

Liquid Germall Plus

Natural Preservative

(This Drop stops all bacteria orgies)

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(Our toner is more than just a good looking bottle)

Facial Toner

8oz - $15