[This spirit jersey is ONLY for the GLITTER option - The NON-GLITTER option is a different spirit jersey product on our site]


😍 Our spirit jerseys are soft, comfy, roomy, and overall so awesome that you will want to wear it even while going bareback because you are not going to want to take it off!


You get to choose the coloring of the Bearback and Bruce The Bear logo


✨ If you know of the spirit jerseys from the most magical place (Disney), most of theirs have heavy lettering and more heft in weight and weighs you down. Ours are lighter in heft, soft all over, and have no heavy lettering!

Stays Soft Even After Washing It Multiple Times
• We tested over 82 shirts & only 1 passed our quality tests for great softness and life-span! •





  • 100% cotton
  • Officially licensed and trademarked front and back yoke (collar area)
  • Rounded bottom waist
  • Ribbed collar and cuffs


Due to the premium cost of certain style shirts, sizes, and/or color graphics available, certain options you choose may have an additional charge. You will see a reflect in price if you choose an option that has a premium add-on before you add your shirt to the cart!


Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold graphic options will have a slight shine/reflective look - it is beautiful!


14 Day Returns On All T-Shirts & Spirit Jersey