This lube is the best for so many reasons, first off, it is silicon-based so you when you start making friction, the lube melts and becomes slick. Just rub some of the lotion lube in your hands and then place it on your dick and/or hole and let the moaning start in 3...2...1!  


Our formula keeps you from becoming sticky (until you load comes out) while making your skin moisturized and smooth like a twinks butt! The best part, no more ashy dick pics! 


You don't need a large amount of Bearback Lotion Lube to have a lot of fun, so this perfect size bottle (3.4 oz) will keep you from panicking about running out of lube often. Additionally, due to our formulas mostly solid consistency and screw on/off lid, the chances of your bottle leaking is practically non-existing.


The waterproof labels on the bottle are easily removable to give you discreet packaging (so don't worry about TSA giving you any side-eye if they happen to see the bottle!)


Bearback Lotion Lube is made in-house and has organically grown rose-infused water in it to help with calming inflammation and gives the lotion lube a faint, but natural scent.   


Give this lotion lube a try and you will quickly feel why going Bearback makes all of your sexual adventures just so much better!  


Tested For External Use Only.





  • No Returns On Personal Items (Lubes, Cum Towels, Undies)