Get a 1oz (which will be enough to get you off a lot of times) sample of our creamy lube with a coupon to use when you want to buy your own cum towel and/or full lube bottle/kit! The cum towel design will be a surprise and may not reflect the one as seen in the product photo.


Includes a free gift (while supplies last - Ex: the butt plug shown in the product photos shows the type of free gift but may not be that excatly). The sample bottle is NOT the same as our premium glass bottle the full 8oz size of lube ships in. 


Spoil your dick and hole with our high quality, 100% clean (no chemicals or fragrance), vegan-friendly (while being cruelty-free,) and handmade in California formula. The Best Bearback lube has only the best ingredients - which are all sourced from local and trusted small farms and businesses within the USA to ensure the all-natural ingredients that make up The Best Bearback Lube Ever stay the freshest and safest they can be!


Plus, our amazing lube helps prevent and heal* anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Your new favorite lube from Bearback will be the only kind you will ever want to use again! 




We have nothing to hide so we list all of our lube’s ingredients right on the packaging to ensure you know exactly what you are putting on and in your body. Our lube is fresh and clean, though we do not recommend swallowing loads of this lube - only loads of cum - and it's safe for all of your sexual adventures. 


The Best Bearbacking lube was designed and formulated with a PH balance for anal play. Although Vagina wielders will love this lube as much as the next hole - the PH balance is not ideal for that of a vagina (which a lot of lube on the market these days aren't,  but we are just being honest about it).




Coconut Oil

(For Smoother Strokes & Pumps)


Aloe Vera Gel

(To Reduce Irritation & Hydrate Skin)



( A Tiny Bit to Bind Ingredients)


Frankincense Oil

(Helps Heal & Prevent Anal Fissures & Hemorrhoids)


Liquid Germall Plus - A Natural Preservative

(This Tiny Drop Stops All Bacteria Orgies From Forming) 





The Lube Formula:


A solid formula in the most powerful glass bottle ever created when applied to the skin will melt instantly and get you to cum from orgasmic results. The never sticky, long-lasting, oil-based* lube will become you and your partner's favorite bearbacking gear!

( Oil-based lubes may break down condoms - hence why the lube is called "The Best BEARBACK lube")


Also, our formula can be safely melted in its bottle to make it a pure liquid to use with a lube launcher or dump all over your fist before giving your favorite hole that whole hand of yours! (Make sure lube is not hot by doing a small drop test on your wrist - If the lube is cool and non-burning it should be safe to use, though still use caution.) 


The Most Powerful Glass Bottle Ever Created:


Fresh ingredient formulas need the best packaging to ensure they stay their highest quality for as long as possible - and even without this special bottling, The Best Bearback Lube is designed to last a very long time without you even having to think about it. The Thick European Made Glass bottle is highly recyclable (to earn a $5 BB gift card - see below) and the ultraviolet glass stops visible light from entering, increasing the lube's shelf life and gives the bottle it’s black/dark violet coloring.


Though this extremely durable and absolutely reusable bottle ensures your lube will stay fresher even longer than imaginable, it also comes with a strong plastic screw top that is leakproof, airtight, and BPA-Free! The entire bottle is also dishwasher safe so you can wash it and refill it with whatever you want over and over again. 


You will love the unique formula, bottle, and packaging of The Best Bearback Lube. It also always cums with full access to our private OnlyFans page that only customers of "The Best Bearback Ever Lube" can see and even have their own media uploaded!


(*Do not use this lube as medicine and stop using if irritation or discomfort occurs)




Bearback has always stood against excessive waste in our landfills and we do our best to ensure we protect our environment while delivering the best products to our tribe members (that’s you). You can always reorder a bottle of your new favorite lube OR you can earn yourself a $5 Bearback E-Gift Card that you can use on just about any product on when you send us back your Lube bottle (after you finish it of course - & there is no rush on how long that takes.). It's free for you and simple - just scan the Bruce's Bottles QR Code that you will find in your lubes packaging to find out how!


  • * Note: If you melt your lube, when it hardens again, it will still be great but won't have that creamy texture as it originally did. Please watch the "melting of the lube video" for your safety and for the best experience!