Stickers can be placed on smooth surfaces ranging from water bottles, cars, and men (Sorry bears, we don't want your hair to be pulled - we are just looking out for you!)


More Info:

❤️Our stickers are some of the highest quality stickers you will find on the market. We tested out over 8 different sticker materials before finding the amazing kind we use today!


🧡The stickers are all “die cut,” which means the stickers come in neat shapes and sizes. Plus, most of the sticker designs come from the original designs that are seen in our casual tee line. Now your stickers can match your shirts!


💛The stickers are waterproof, so that means you can put them on your car or in your bathtub and the vibrant colors and dark blacks won’t fade for a long time!


💚The stickers are removable from most surfaces, but still use caution. We recommended letting the stickers first sticking location to also be its final. So pick a spot that you will love to look at your sticker everyday because they last a long time.


💙 All stickers vary in size, but most of them will fit in the palm of your hand. With so many to choose from and more being added often, you will want to ask for a Bearback Gift Card for your birthday!