"In a world where everything seems to be against you, it's important to look at the silver lining in everything to keep you smiling." - Bruce The Bear


When using Silver Lining by Bearback you are spraying a highly concentrated, chemical-free, vegan, and cruelty-free formula that may help reduce one of the biggest stresses in life - taking care of your skin properly!


Silver Lining is great for everyone's skin, "butt" if you are someone with dry skinprone to breakouts, and/or have redness/irritation, this toner will be even better for you.




Each spray of Silver Lining leaves you with an optimistic outlook on having healthier skin since yours will now be more moisturized and refreshed. Most importantly the clean and powerful ingredients help protect your face from the harsh realities of what can happen to the skin if not taken care of properly.  


Silver, a powerful antimicrobial that is said to aid in the fight against the toughest bacteria - like the kind that causes acne.  We infused a lot of real silver into each batch of Silver Lining to ensure with each spray that your skin only receives the best treatment.


When your skin is happy, so are you, so follow the directions below and keep a positive outlook for a better tomorrow!



Silver Water 

(antimicrobial to help fight bacteria) 


Aloe Vera Juice

(To reduce irritation & Hydrate skin)


Hydrochloric Acid 

(Hydrate skin even more & Helps smooth fine lines) 


Tea tree oil 

(Antibacterial, helps treat acne, & for a great scent - No fake fragrance)


Liquid Germall Plus - Natural Preservative

(This drop stops all bacteria orgies)


How To Use:

Spray your face between 4-6 times (w/ closed mouth & eyes - you can use less or more - just make sure your full face is moist)


DONE! Feel optimistic about your skin and keep smiling.


If you have used a toner before, Silver Lining is the same concept. 

(Btw, you can use this spray at any time - it's best to use it throughout the day and night as a quick refreshing uplifter in between your daily/nightly face washings.


What is a toner?

A toner is typically a spray that has all types of different awesome goodies in it that gives your skin beneficial nutrients it needs to be healthy. 


Toning is an important step for everyone who cares about their skin. It allows your skin to both push junk out of it and helps absorb the good stuff it needs such as serums, topical creams, and other moisturizers. 


Most toners, like Sliver Lining, are great for those with dry skin and if you add any type of topicals (most over-the-counter and prescription products are okay) it helps open your pores to suck in every last drop for maximum results. 


Though... one more thing, to be a toning pro, you should follow these steps while taking care of your skin for better results...


How to be a Pro at Toning:


Although you can absolutely only apply your facial toner once a day, it's best to use it a few times a day "butt" most importantly you should be adding it into your facial routine a few times - here's how:


• Wash Your Face (w/ whichever skincare products you use normally)

• Air Dry Your Face (if possible... Towels add bacteria back on your face)

Spray 2-3 pumps of toner 

• Add any topicals you may use

Spray 2-3 pumps of toner

• Add Your Moisturizer 

Spray 2-3 pumps of toner 

• Done, you are now a toning pro - Congrats!


So as you read, it's that easy. Just add your toner in between each step of your routine to ensure it's doing it's job to the best abiltiles.  


Remember: Just like with any changes to your skin routine you may go through a break-out period which is when your skin starts to remove the junk from your skin and starts it's healing process. If this happens to you, just keep strong, keep using your products and things should start clearing up soon.


Any quesitons or feedback, email us support@bearbackgear.com


[Stop if irritation begins • Do not drink formula]

SILVER LINING - An Optimistic Facial Toner