These sperms come in a pack of 20 smaller sperms.


• All decals come on a clear transfer sheet, though these sperms come placed in a row, on the sheet. To place them all over (like in the picture) you will need to easily take scissors and very roughly cut out around the clear area of the sperm. After, place them around as you want and then slowly pull off the clear plastiic sheet from each sperm!


🤩 Many of your favorite t-shirt designs are now available as decals for your car, laptop, reusable water bottle, or whatever other smooth. flat surface you want to put them on!


📶 All decals will vary in size, though most will range between 3in - 5in in one shape or another!


💦 Decals are waterproof, strong, and long lasting. Decals will last years. 


❗️Decals are permanent - though removable - and should be placed in their final resting place on their first placement, 


❌ Avoid placing decal on any painted surfaces, though glass is okay! 


⚠️ Instruction card will be included with order


Bearback does not take any responsibility if your decal causes damage to any surface it is placed on. Though if the decal has a defect please email us at