Extremely soft towel, even after washing!


Sometimes you don't have a better place to blow your load because your partner is out of town or you just got about 6 loads on you at your buddies bukkake and now need a way to clean up. Whatever the reason, you have cum to deal with, and the worst way to clean up that gooey, thick cream you and/or your "friend(s)" just milked out is with paper products that get stuck to your dick or ruins your shirt. So, use Bearback Cum Towels to get cleaned up easily and with comfort. Lastly, if you have any "guests" over, give them a not-so-sublet hint to leave via a witty cum towel. 


Your dick, hole, and/or body will thank you for using a soft towel to clean up with!


Pairs Great with Bearback Lotion Lube! 


• 12"x12" size towel