Pup Play Gear

Identify Yourself with Pup Play Gear

You’re young…you’re playful…you’re a pup! Whether you’re at a gay bar, a sex party, or somewhere else, you may want to be very open about what it is that you’re into – and pup play gear in San Jose, CA can be just what you need. Bearback Gear has you covered with all sorts of different designs.
Pup play gear is supposed to be fun. You’re allowed to be a pup no matter who you are. However, you may be shy about putting it out there. With a t-shirt, you can be a little quieter about it. Let everyone read the shirt to know more about who you are.
We love providing the kind of gear that you want to wear. We take an environmental approach with all that we do. You’ll also find that we have world-class service at Bearback, providing you with affordable pricing and fast shipping!