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Step 1

Choose YOUr Box

To make your perfect box, first pick how many shirts you want, than decide if you want Bruce (Bearback) to choose the shirt(s) randomly from any shirt category on our site  


- OR - 

Choose a box that will have shirts from "tribe(s)' you prefer (Ex: Bear, Pig, Top..) 


Regardless of which box you choose you will be able to enter your preference of tribes.

1 Shirt Boxes Start @ $25 (Free Shipping)

2 Shirt Boxes Start @ $40 (Free Shipping)

3 Shirt Boxes Start @ $60 (Free Shipping)

4 Shirt Boxes Start @ $75 (Free Shipping)

*Prices say starting at because just like when buying a stand alone shirt on, if you choose any premium options, (Ex: V-Neck, 6Xl, etc..) there is a fair priced increase. This premium pricing does occurs per month and may be cheaper 
than if shirts were purchased on our site individually as a thank you for going Bruce Box!

Pricing Per MoNTH


(Who Doesn't)